Inday Ruping shot dead

By J. Jala | 01:34 PM March 28, 2021
Inday Ruping

An entertainer and radio disk jockey was shot dead inside an inn in Barangay Mansasa on Saturday night, March 27. He was 45.

According to the local police, dyRD’s Kiss FM disc jokey Inday Ruping (Rizalino Torralba in real life) was shot dead by the suspect identified as Andrew Fronteras at around 11 p.m.

Fronteras, who claimed as Torralba’s bodyguard and driver, surrendered to Tagbilaran City Police Station at around 9 a. m., 10 hours after the crime.

He also told police he accidentally shot Torralba during a fight.

Torralba’s family told police that he was able to call for help at around 11 p. m. But when they went to the inn it was closed.

“Mingtawag pa nga magpatabang kay nag-away sila. Unya pag-adto namo sarado man walay tawo. Unya off na ang phone,” a family member said.

CCTV footage shows that Torralba and Fronteras entered the room at 10 p. m. At past 11 p. m. the suspect left the place.

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