Group raises funds to help stray cats at ‘Cat Island’

By J. Jala, Helen Castano | 12:57 PM January 20, 2021
Photos: Bohol Cat Clowders Community (BCCC)

Despite threat of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), a group from Bohol has continued to find ways to provide food for stray cats and dogs in Gak-ang Island in Panglao town.

The Bohol Cat Clowders Community (BCCC) said that Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected humans, but also animals.

The BCCC thru its Cat Island Mission went to a small, uninhabited Gak-ang Island, also known by locals in Panglao as “cat island” where stray cats and dogs were thrown way by owners.

“There are no houses nor people living there so it is expected that the cats and dogs don’t have foods to eat.Their shelter are bushes and when it rains they get wet. It’s really hard to imagine how they sleep while raining and enduring cold nights with an empty stomach,” said Lei Xsé on her Facebook.

BCCC narrated that when they explored the island, they saw the dogs were malnourished. Some of the female cats were pregnant and scared to the group.

” But some are sweet and just needing love and affection. We fed them they eat excitedly and you can see how happy they are enjoying their food on that day which makes our hearts melts while watching them,” BCCC said.

They also found out that the cats have notb been spayed or neutered. Some of these cats were pregnant, breeding is happening and this cat population is increasing.

Donations to raise to fund for their shelters and foods.

If you wish to donate for the next Cat Island feeding mission, you may send your monetary donations to:

Account No: 9479 2790 01
Account Name: Ma Merlynda Daguplo

GCASH No: 0927 746 3991
Gcash Name: Nikki Charmaine Reambonanza

Kindly indicate ” For Cat Island Mission” and send proof of transfer for accounting purposes.

For in- kind donations (Cat food & dog food), please message Ms. Erl Daguplo on Facebook.

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