By J. Jala | 09:57 AM November 30, 2020
Photo: Earth Science

Skywatchers admiring November’s full moon will also get to see another treat: a penumbral eclipse, when the moon passes through Earth’s outer shadow, on Monday, Nov. 30, according to Pagasa.

Pagasa said the eclipse begins when the moon enters penumbra at 3:32 p. m. and ends at 7:53 p. m.

A penumbra refers to a partially shaded outer region of a shadow that an object casts.

A penumbral eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the faint penumbral portion of the earth’s shadow. The lunar surface is not completely shadowed by the earth’s umbra or darkest part of a shadow.

The astronomical event will also be observed in North-West Europe, the Americas, Oceania, most of Asia.

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