DOT’s ‘With A Smile’ video highlights kindness amid the COVID-19 pandemic

By J. Jala | 08:14 PM April 06, 2020
Screenshot from DOT’s “With A Smile” video.

As a tribute to the modern-day heroes, the Department of Tourism made a short video sourced from captures of everyday kindness; guided by the same spirit in its making.

The popular Eraserheads song “With A Smile” was used for the background music of the video. Composer, Ely Buendia, gave full permission for the use of the iconic song saying that it was “for the Filipinos, free of charge.”

“Filipinos are known for their smiles. Even if we can’t see the smiles behind the masks, their warmth can be felt in acts of compassion and kindness,” the DOT captioned the video.

“As we wait out the end of this challenging time, let us never forget to show the world who we truly are: a nation of kind, caring, and compassionate people,” it added

The video inspires every Filipino to smile and continue working together in the fight against the pandemic.

Screenshot from DOT’s “With A Smile” video.

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