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Filipino who recovered from COVID-19 shares his recovery journey

Bohol Island News Staff | Posted on March 22, 2020

Screenshot from ABS-CBN News Video

A twenty-five-year-old young Filipino man in Makati City had the shock of his life when he found out that he tested positive of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the day of his birthday.

He was among the early positive cases reported in Metro Manila and had the patient ID of PH15.

In a short documentary of his recovery by ABS-CBN, he shared his journey and fight against the disease that has already claimed the lives of 25 people, as of today.

It was on February 29 when PH15 had a fever then followed the cough and colds. The following day, he shared that the fever subsided and only the cough and colds remained.

He thought it was just a simple cough and colds. It was only after a week when he sought medical help in a hospital after he lost his sense of taste and smell.

PH15 had a history of travel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 12 days.

His symptoms and travel history made him a person under investigation. He was admitted to the Makati Medical Center and got tested for COVID-19.

“Bakit ako out of 105 million Filipino people?” he asked after learning of the results two days later.

While confined, different thoughts were going on in his mind including the question of will he still be able to recover from it?

He admitted that it drained him physically and mentally knowing that he is going to face the challenge all by himself.

He was given paracetamol, an antiviral drug, and vitamins while he was confined and in isolation for eight days.

How was he able to overcome it?
Thankfully, he had a strong support system given to him by his family and friends who regularly check up on him through the text messages they send him.

Reading news articles about recovering Covid-19 patients also helped him not to lose hope in the situation he was in.

On March 15, he received the great news that he tested negative twice of Covid-19.

Right now, PH15 is still taking the medicines given to him by the doctors but he now feels better after he got out of the hospital.

He is still on home quarantine but he advises people that there’s hope even if you tested positive of Covid-19.

Finally, he thanked the medical frontliners who helped him and tells people to heed the advice on social distancing to avoid this disease from spreading.

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