‘Dancing fountain’ spruces up Alicia Christmas-themed park

By Rey Anthony Chiu/PIA-Bohol | 07:21 PM December 24, 2019

That packet of a park in Alicia in front of this town’s municipal hall hosts the second biggest gathering of the community in the merry month of December, this time to witness the switching on of Bohol’s first yet to rise light emitting diode (LED)-lit dancing fountain, December 22.

The fountain in the merrily lit park hides the fact that this largely agricultural town is a hundred kilometers from the city, and is a fourth class town that has seen the blessings of good governance as a premium that lets them open up the economic growth to its communities.

A recipient of the Seal of Good Local Governance, the local processes has also motivated the community to set up more inclusive business climate that now hammers a stake at sports tourism in its trail runs and extreme bike festivals on its own The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP).

Last December 1, the young and old people of Alicia, some coming from as far as Del Monte came on board motor service vehicles, gathered here to witness the switching on of the spruced up plaza dominated by a 25 feet Christmas Tree made from thousands of series lights and a festively lit park that feature light tunnels, led-lit parols that unmistakably lend the holiday cheers.

Last December 22, at around 7 p.m., amidst an interrupted performance of a live band entertaining the al fresco street food stretch temporarily set in front of the town hall, Vice Mayor Marnilou Ayuban led the countdown to signal the switching on of the P2 million dancing fountain that now prominently embellishes the people’s park.

At the zero mark, the music blasted and a jet of water oozed out from the nozzles in the ground and shot jets of water high up as the led lights at the base of the nozzles changed in color according to the computer program during the lights and water spray display.

The howls from the children amazed at the show died in the din as fireworks split the skies and resounding applause hyped the explosive din of the simultaneous fireworks display.

The dancing fountain, first one for Bohol and ascribed to the town, features jets of water shooting out from nozzles that spew water as high as 30 feet into the air and is lit by multi-color led lights imbedded in a tiled platform that recycles the water to be shot back out.

Alicia Mayor Victoriano Torres, in his opening message, enjoined his people to unite as the town strives to bring holiday cheers to Alicia.

In his term, Mayor Torres opened the street-food strip in the public market complex, to allow small time vendors opportunities for business, while the town puts up a live band or an acoustic group to provide entertainment.

Since December 1, however, the town decided to transfer the street-food strip in front of the town hall, where the local vendors grew in number and the people kept coming to while time away and enjoy the entertainment.

One vendor in fact admitted, that with the crowd in the Plaza since December 1, she could net P6,000 a night.

With the blessings the town has received in the past years, the decision to spruce up the public park in time for Christmas was easy, said vice Mayor Ayuban.

Representative Kristine Alexie Tutor, who was among the guests during the switching on said Alicia is leading Bohol towns in putting up the fountain in the public park.

Mayor Torres also shared that the congresswoman is also planning to convince Candijay Bohol to build one in its public park as well.

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