By Bohol Island News Staff | 11:35 PM December 08, 2019
Diana Bühler hugs a colleague during the SEA Games. Photo: Diana Bühler FB

Boholana obstacle course athlete Diana Bühler may have met a lot of obstacles in her life but her fighting spirit to never quit made her reach her goal and eventually a gold for the Philippines.

The Fil-Swiss athlete, whose roots traces from the province of Bohol, shared to Bohol Island News (BIN) how she also met obstacles while preparing for the competition.

“We all had to face some challenges and there were even more sweat and tears behind our success. Our trainings were hard and tiring and I couldn’t go back to Bohol due to our busy schedule. One of my challenge was when I got injured. I wanted to train more because I was worried I might not be fast enough but I knew I had to slow it down. Luckily, I was able to recover quite fast with the help of our coaches and physio therapists,” she said.

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Ever since Diana started to love the obstacle course race (OCR), she had always kept in mind and tells beginners in this sport to “Do what you love, love what you do”.

Photo: Diana Bühler FB

Earlier, the Pilipinas Sports Obstacle Federation (PSOF) shared that Bühler used to have weight problems because of her office job a few years ago.

At first, she mastered very few obstacles when she started.

However, what amazed her was how much her body has changed after a while of doing OCR.

With her determination and passion for the sport, she was able to conquer a lot of obstacles and raked medals when she started competing.

As a first timer to compete in the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, Diana said it was a proud moment for her.

“It’s an amazing feeling to carry the flag on your shoulders. It was always my dream to represent the country and make everyone proud. I knew that we were ready to fight. Getting gold for the Philippines is one of the best feeling,” she told BIN.

Let’s get to know a little bit more about Diana.

Diana’s mother is from Alicia town in Bohol and her father is from Switzerland.

She was born there but when she was seven, they lived in Bohol for two years. So, it’s no wonder why she knows how to speak Bisaya.

Diana is now residing in Manila and has lived there for five years now.

She still comes home to visit her family in Bohol every one to two months.

Her trainings may have kept her from seeing them for four months now but she shares that they were very supportive of her. They also do video calls every Sunday.

As for those aspiring to try out the sport she loves now, Diana advises them to never quit and keep on fighting.

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