Brig. Gen. de Leon: 1 killed, 456 arrested in drug stings in Region 7

By PR | 03:12 PM December 05, 2019
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At least one was killed in a shootout with the police while 456 drug personalities were arrested from various anti-drug operations in two weeks in different parts of Region 7, police regional director Brigadier General Val de Leon said Thursday.

De Leon reiterated his warning to drug lords and even their cohorts in the government to stop their activities or face the consequences.

“The only way to stop this drug menace in our society is to eliminate the source and the supply lines will also stop. In Region 7, we will do this,” the general said.

“In line with Pres. Duterte’s aggressive campaign to eradicate illegal drugs, we all aspire for a drug-free Philippines. But we have to do our job to help the President achieve this. Our fight against the drug menace in our country is a whole of nation approach. I mean, it is a concerted effort by the police and military, local government units, judicial, academe, non-government and people’s organizations, civic and private sectors, the church, every Filipino has a role to play to make our country drug-free,” he added.

During his command visits, de Leon’s first guidance to police personnel and non-uniformed personnel is not to get involve in illegal drug activities.

“Our Anti-Illegal Drugs units in cooperation with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) conducted 301 operations from November 16 to December 1, 2019 that resulted to the arrest of these drug personalities,” de Leon said.

He said 12 assorted loose firearms were also recovered from the drug suspects during the operations.

“The two-week of buy-bust operations yielded P48,477,880 worth of shabu (7,129.10 grams). Our operatives also confiscated 110 grams of marijuana valued at P13,600,” de Leon said.

“With the positive result of police operations, our command is committed and serious in its anti- criminality efforts to deliver a strong message for those who are still engaged on illegal activities that they have no place in Central Visayas,” he added.

De Leon said that the success of its anti-drug campaign can be attributed to the improved anti-drug initiatives of the police, as well as the cooperation of the public.

As a result, Cebu City Police Office has the biggest haul for illegal drugs with 5,717.97 grams valued at P38,882,196 and 2 firearms confiscated followed by Bohol Police Provincial Office with 585.26 grams or P3,979,768 with 2 firearms confiscated. Further, Cebu Police Provincial Office with 419.87 grams or P2,855,116 and 6 firearms confiscated, Mandaue City Police Office with 38.27 grams or P260,236 and 2 firearms confiscated, Mandaue City Police Office with 264.42 grams or P1,798,056, and one firearm confiscated, Lapulapu City Police Office with 118.88 grams valued at P808,384 and one firearm confiscated and Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office with 22.7 grams or P154,360.

Meanwhile, marijuana seizure, Mandaue City Police Office yielded a total of 80 grams for the week valued at P9,600 and Lapulapu City Police Office with 30 grams at P3,600.

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