By Bohol Island News Staff| 07:57 PM October 30, 2019

Photos of a long-haired, bearded foreigner “mistaken” to be Jesus Christ became viral on Facebook after the 6.6 magnitude earthquake that jolted some parts of Mindanao on Tuesday morning.

Netizens said they saw the foreigner in Barangay Indangan in Davao City. He wore a white cloth and carried a clay pot. He was barefooted roaming around the city.

Some people said that the foreigner might be Jesus Christ. Others said his appearance after the quake was a manifestation of the end of the world.

But the ‘Jesus’ “look-alike” turned out to be a monk. He is known in the community as “Brother”.

He is a monk at AMSAI (ANANDA MARGA SPECIAL ACADEMIC INSTITUTION) Cabantian Campus in Davao City.

Angie Velarde, a resident of Davao City, said “Brother” is a student at AMSAI.

Walking barefooted, she said, is part of his seven days ritual before going to India for an ordination.

“Monk man gud na siya diri. Unya karun rana sila nakagawas unya nataymingan lang gyud nga naglinog,” she told Bohol Island News.

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