BFP bares January-June 2023 accomplishments

By Ric Obedencio | 01:56 PM August 07, 2023

The Bureau of Fire and Protection (BFP) in Bohol bared its accomplishments during the first half of 2023, according to provincial fire marshal Raul Bustalino who presented it during the Provincial and Order Council meeting presided over by Gov. Aris Aumentado held at the ceremonial hall, new Capitol building last week.

Bustalino said that there were 84 fire Incidents they responded with dispatch. Of these figures, 47 were structural and 28, non-Structural. The response was made possible with the use of nine (9) transport vehicles and fire trucks.

It inspected a total of 21,186 establishments and collected a total of Php31,402,665.07
as Fire Code Fees during the same period.

For information dissemination and awareness, BFP was able to post in social media 5,471 Fire Safety Tips, he said.

BFP bared the following fire incidents. Residential family dwelling, Purok 2 Mansasa, CPG East Avenue, Tagbilaran City with worth of damage is estimated to be Php912,000.00

Transport-Heavy Equipment in Togohon 1, Villarcayo, Carmen, Php 700,000.00; Residential/Single Family Dwelling, el Salvador, Carmen, Php 600,000.00; Mabini Registrar’s Office, Poblacion, Mabini, Php 806,968.00; Marcela Dressing Plant, Brgy. Lumangog, Ubay, Php 398,160,000.00.

Cangawa National High School, Buenavista– Educational, Php 600,000.00; Residential/Single Family Dwelling, Purok 7 Villa Garcia, Sierra-Bullones, Php 1,200,000.00; Alicia panoramic park, Purok 7, Sitio Binabaje, Brgy. Cambaol, Alicia, Php 560,796.00; Residential, Purok 5, Brgy. Hibale, Danao, Bohol, Php 2,500,000.00;; Residential, Purok 1, Poblacion, Trinidad, Bohol, Php 888,585.00. passenger vessel M/V Esperanza – Municipal Waters of Doljo, Panglao, Bohol.

BFP, Bustalino said, has a total of 604 personnel (455 men and 149 women) with 97 Fire trucks, three (3) Ambulance units and 19 typical Fire Stations.

Construction of five (5) BFP buildings is ongoing.

BFP said that its regional is going to be transferred in Bohol due to limited space in Cebu City. It is eyeing a 2,000-square-meter lot within the provincial govrnment-owned property in barangay Malayo Norte, Cortes town nearby the new Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial medical Center being constructed to decongest the Tagbilaran City-based GCGMHospital. (rvo)

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