By Rey Anthony Chiu | 12:14 PM May 15, 2022

With barely a few days to keep the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) immunization jabs going despite the elections temporarily sidelining operations, Bohol vaccinators accomplished some 3,492 inoculations during the past week.

The accomplishment inched the vaccination coverage in Bohol to 70.93%, or some 0.17% over the 70.26% which the Provincial Vaccination Operation Center tallied on May 5, 2022. 

The 0.17% increase accounts to the 1,890 individuals whom the local health authorities gave their second doses of the vaccine that has been touted to tame the virus that has since killed over 681 Boholanos. 

After a week of continued vaccination operations, the number of Boholanos with the complete protection against Covid-19 rises to 784,551, from the 782,661 logged last May 5. 

The number of individuals given the first dose also upped by 883; or from 712,305, the number of those with the initial dose increased to 713,188, according to the data shared by the Bohol Inter Agency Task Force on the management of emerging infectious diseases (BIATF).

In its updated COVID -19 Vaccination Report dated May 12, the BIATF also said some 692 Boholanos have received their first booster shots while another 22 individuals got their second booster shots. 

Health authorities have said that getting a booster shot is getting a better assurance at boosting the initial doses which the human body’s immune system may have assimilated and tamed after the second dose. 

Experts have also stressed that vaccination has altered the scenario in the country where a sharp decrease of the cases of Covid-19 came after the vaccination climbed into the threshold of getting half of the eligible for the vaccines given their first jabs. 

The numbers even got better when the number of those given the second dose reached the same threshold. 

The ultimate target is to get 80% of the total target population identified as eligible for the vaccine, to be inoculated and given the proper protection. 

With that, Bohol is still nine percent shy of the target, as vaccination teams spread all over the towns pick up their needles anew to resume the mission of protecting humanity. (rahc/PIA_7/Bohol)      

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