Bohol mayors launch crusade for good governance

By Marisol Bo-oc, Helen Castaño| 04:31 PM March 24, 2022

A day before the campaign period for local candidates is set to start, some mayors in Bohol launched a crusade for good governance for the Boholanos.

The local chief executives who attended the “Crusada Alang sa Limpyong Pangobierno para sa mga Bol-anon” were Jagna Mayor Joseph Rañola, Loboc Mayor Leon Calipusan, Panglao Mayor Leonila Montero, Lila Mayor Arturo Jed Piollo, Dimiao Mayor Randolf Ang, Getafe Mayor Casey Shaun Camacho, Candijay Mayor Christopher Tutor, Garcia Hernandez Mayor Tita Baja, San Isidro Mayor Diosdado Gementiza, Ubay Mayor Constantino Reyes, Buenavista Mayor Dave Duallo and Sevilla Mayor Juliet Dano.

Bohol has 47 towns and 1 city. There are at least 900,000 registered voters for the May 2022 elections.

The mayors expressed dissatisfaction after they suffered from the lack of good governance and empathy by the current administration.

The mayors said for the past three years, Boholanos have suffered from the lack of good governance and empathy by the current administration.

As the campaign season begins, the people have the right to know about the different issues our province is currently facing, they said.

“The people have seen the current administration’s brand of leadership, which has prioritized other things rather than giving them the services that they deserve,” they said in a statement.

“Before, many were afraid to speak up on the ills of the current administration. Since they have no control over the halls of power, they are inclined to just follow what the authorities dictate or to close their eyes on the different anomalies that are currently taking place in their communities,” they said.

They said the current leadership has used everything at its disposal to do whatever it wants across the province.

“From overpriced purchases to unnecessary projects, it has shown to everyone that as long as they are in power, they can and will do everything in order to benefit themselves and not the Boholano people,” the mayors said.

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