By Rey Anthony Chiu | 09:05 PM February 05, 2022

With the recent updated list of individuals identified for vaccination following the opening of minors for inoculation against coronavirus disease, Bohol would need at least 570,12 more vaccine doses to get to the herd immunity it aims. 

The number in face does not even count the booster doses which the government is also giving out after individuals have received their full doses of the vaccine that is believed to keep the individuals from dying of the virus. 

In its January 2, 2022 report, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) of the Bohol Provincial Vaccine Operations Center (PVOC) based at the Provincial Health Office upgraded its number of eligible population in the master list to 1,009,34.

This, accordingly reflects already the 12 to 17 years old that has been in the expanded sectors for vaccination when the operations against Covid-19 covered the minors. 

At that number, and with at least two doses needed for an individual to get full protection against the virus, instead of the 1,923,744 doses of vaccines for the 961,872 individuals in the initial master-list, Bohol would need 2,019,268 doses to get to the 70% of its population. 

Health experts and epidemiologists have theorized that with at least 70% of the total population vaccinated, chances of transmitting the virus significantly lessens, making the disease insignificant. 

In the same EOC report, as well as with the January 30 report, since March 6, 2020, Bohol has received 1,449,142 vaccines already. 

This also means that Bohol would still need to get its hands to 570,12 doses in the next few months, to be confident that it has attained its goal of 70% vaccination of its general population. 

As of January 30 also, some 574,742 Boholanos have been given their two doses of the vaccines. 

Another 682,807 have received the first dose, and in at least a month, could already get the second and full dose of the anti-Covid vaccine.

At present, or at least as of January 30, Bohol has in its vaccine storage facilities, some 446,617 doses for its vaccination operations in the next few weeks. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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