By Rey Anthony Chiu | 10:45 AM January 30, 2022

Some 47,762 Boholanos have been added to the vaccine eligible master-list, the updated data from the Bohol Inter Agency Task Force (BIATF) on the management of Emerging Infectious Disease showed.

In its January 26, 2022 COVID-19 Vaccination Report, the BIATF updated its total number of Boholanos who are eligible for the vaccines at 1,009,634.

The new figure is 47,762 more that the initial number in the eligible for anti-Covid -19 vaccination which was initially pegged at 961,762.

The updated list will consequently increase the number of vaccines that Bohol would need to get to its majority of population enough to attain herd immunity.

At 1,009,634 in the list, Bohol would at least need 2,019,267 doses of the vaccines to fully protect those in the master-list.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in its official census of 2020, Bohol has a population of 1,394, 329.
For a minimum of 70% pegged to attain the lowest level of herd immunity, Bohol must get to 976,031, which is 70% of the total population.

Getting to these people to protect them from the disease means raising 1,952,061 vaccines.

The 70% pegged by health experts studying the disease as critical in attaining herd immunity however can be increased, if the goal is to insulate the local population from the disease.

With the current eligible number for vaccination over 33,000 from the 70% of the PSA defined population, Boholanos could expect a much better herd immunity.

At present, a total of 558,761 Boholanos in the priority sectors have been given the two doses of the vaccines that are said to be effective in stopping the spread of the Covid-19.

This, according to the BIATF is 58% of the 70% authorities are targeting to attain herd immunity.

This however, is still 55.34% of the updated 70% as pegged by health officials for Bohol. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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