By Rey Anthony Chiu | 12:18 AM January 23, 2022

While Bohol Electric Cooperative II (BOHECO II) has partially restored power in 8 of its 21-town service area, some 47,478 households could only gape in envy at the comfort of other households which can be lit, as soon as a stable power supply is available.

In its power restoration report issued January 17, 2022, or a month after super-typhoon Odette wreaked havoc in largely BOHECO 2 service areas, this rampage caused nearly 50,000 households in their catchment, totally damaged.

In Ubay alone, Bohol’s biggest town, Odette left a trail of destruction to 11,242 households, which could not be reenergized unless repaired and made habitable again.
In nearby Talibon, the typhoon’s strong winds and devastating storm surge swept into a nasty heap of destruction 9,562 houses which are declared totally damaged.
Another 5,763 houses were total wrecks in Trinidad, 3,763 of the houses in San Miguel, 3,297 of the houses in Getafe, 2,827 in Buenavista and 2,418 of the houses in Danao.

Over a thousand houses each were also unfit to be reenergized in Candijay, Mabini, Alicia, while Guindulman had 866 houses destroyed, as Dagohoy also had 828 houses which can not be reenergized.

So far, after a month from the storm, BOHECO II has restored its backbone lines that brought power from the Power barge 104, the temporary source of power in Bohol to 8,435 households near substations.

Houses strung along the Ubay-Garcia Hernandez Substation were already lit. This line passed from Ubay to Alicia, Candijay, Guindulman, Duero, Jagna, Garcia Hernandez and even stretching to Valencia along the highway.

Another line branched out from Alicia to Pilar, Sierra Bullones and then to Pilar, however, only very few house holds have been re-tapped.

As of the last report. BOHECO 2 is still set to get to 136,674 households to get them readied as soon as a reliable power source, like the one from Leyte can be back.
Of the distribution utility’s catchment service areas 476 barangays, power is restored in only 64 barangays or 19.75% is accomplished as yet.

As of January 17, there was still no power in Mabini, Sierra Bullones, Carlos P Garcia, Trinidad, Bien Unido, Dan Miguel, Dagohoy Danao, Talibon, Getafe and Buenavista. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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