Yap denies distributing canned sardines with his name on the label as relief goods to Odette victims

By J. Jala | 07:40 PM January 13, 2022

Tosen Foods, Inc., the manufacturer of Swan Sardines, denied on Thursday that it produced cans with “Art Yap” on the label
for supporters of Governor Art Yap.

“We are sad to see photos of Swan Sardines branded with From the Friends of Arthur Yap” trending. These items are counterfeit and do not represent the Swan Sardines Brand. We can confirm that Swan has not manufactured products labelled “From the Friends of Arthur Yap”. These did not come from our qualified facilities,” Tosen Foods, Inc said in an official statement Thursday.

“We are actively working with our retailer partners to make sure that only safe, delicious (& original!) Swan reaches your plates. Please buy from reputable establishments to ensure quality,” the statement added.

Photos of unopened sardine cans which were allegedly distributed as relief goods to typhoon Odette victims became trending in the social media.

“Simple ra akong tubag, wala tay gipanghatag nga sardinas nga naay gibutang nga ngan nga” Art Yap.” 100% ko, akong ihatag ang assurance sa mga netizens no such thing nga nagdistribute ta nga naay ngan nga ‘Art Yap’,” the Yap said in a video message.

Earlie, Gov. Art Yap said the canned sardines were not part of the relief goods distributed by the provincial government of Bohol. He said these were donations from the friends of Gov. Art Yap back in 2019 elections.

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