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The endlessly undulating hills of Cambaol Alicia proves to be a break for young trail runners at the corral of the Provincial Youth and Sports Development Office (PYSDO), with its prime steeds showing class in the otherwise mighty harsh terrain for extreme trail running in Bohol, at least in the 5 kilometer race.

The unending assault to the peak, the nauseating ridge traverses, the seemingly impossible down hills and the treacherous creek passes became a test of balance, agility and constant pressing for Drimon Baja on jersey 5006 who completed the 5-kilometer loop that brought trail runners to at least 6 hills assaults and technical down hills in 32:20 to claim as the best promising novice trail runner in The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP) history.

At his heels was Michael Ucab (5035) who crossed the finish line at 34:03, or some two minutes later.

Both Baja and Ucab are in the PYSDO pool of athletes.

Meanwhile James Pedrasita (5028) 34:18 came in third and Prince Neil Tinaja (5034) 37:28, as well as Joel Urbuda (5036) came in 8 minutes after the trail champion at 40:00 in the mens division.

In the women’s trail challenge at 5 kilometers, PYSDO pool athlete April Alampayan (5039) crossed the finish line fifth over-all with a time of 37:30 beating several tested male trail veterans here.

After her was Jovelyn Calvo (50:09) with a strong performance despite being new to the rough extreme mountain trails when she crossed the line at 53:09.

Veteran marathoner Ma. Caress Arnejo (5003) wobbled to the finish line at 56:46, totally drained she has to be rushed for medical attention.

May Amor Sabas (5031) came in fourth at 59:37, Maria Medie Libaton (5021) at 1:16:16 and Susan Lim (5022) in 1:17:50.

In the men’s 10 kilometer race, which eventually turned out to be nearly 12 kilometers of trails that could come at part with obstacle courses, jersey number 1014 of Joey Coquilla 1:42:22 sauntered to the finish line as champion while James Palma (10:28) came in at 1:44:24.

TAPP trail veteran and marathoner Candelario Logronio (1026), who suffered from a bike crash in another race in Inabanga limped to third with 1:47:30 in his time clock.

Jimmy Libaton (1084) settled for fourth at 1:54:00 and Joseph Bobby Felisarta at fifth (1038) with 1:55:35 followed by Clarin teacher athlete Floro Tunday (1035) at 2:01:34.

In the women’s 10 kilometer trail race, TAPP queen of the trails Ace Jess Ejoc (1017) continued her reign for two years now as she crossed the line at 2:45:20.

In her wake was Jo Bompat Hormiguera (1022) who came in an hour and a half later at 3:22:10.

Meanwhile, trail and miler veteran Norie Jinggay Calimbayan (1034) did not think she was still in competition as she found a swim pond along the trail, took a much needed dip and resumed running finishing at 4:01:59.

Another Bohol runner veteran Fluhr Maridel Go (1018) finished fourth at 4:22:16.

Overall, Alicia Mayor Victoriano Torres, who was pleasantly excited with the successful race promised more exciting trail competitions, including a mulled ultramarathon here at the TAPP.

Race director Richard Aniana said the ultra was supposed to happen, had not the pandemic foiled the plan in 2020.

Alicia Tourism Officer Godelia Lumogdang said the local team would be back on the drawing board for a more exciting, more breath taking views and assaulting trail if only top conquer the TAPP heights and be a crowned veteran of the local mountain trail running scene. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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