By Rey Anthony Chiu |01:24 PM November 28, 2021

A day into the National Vaccination Days, November 29 to December 1, Bohol still struggles to get its vaccinated numbers straight as local vaccination teams could only accomplish 34.24% full vaccination for Boholanos.

At 961,872 Boholanos in the priority master list, local vaccination teams in fixed sites and mobile teams could only manage getting to 329,411 Boholanos who have been given the second and complete dose from early April to present.

The good thing however is that the feared coronavirus disease statistics are going down, an indication that the local health authorities and the general population have somehow, managed and took control over the disease.

Moreover, with the National Vaccination Days coming, Bohol could add a significant number of vaccinated individuals as the province is given a target of 280,000 more people to be vaccinated during the three days simultaneous vaccine operations.

Bohol Inter agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (BIATF) said the province intends to vaccinate 961,872 Boholanos, which is the 70% of the local population prioritized for vaccination to attain for Bohol its desired herd immunity.

For them, 70% of the prioritized population is some 673,310 Boholanos.

At 70% of the entire population vaccinated, health experts and epidemiologists theorized that the disease becomes insignificant as it will find no one to pass the virus, with majority getting protected.

Bohol’s 34.24% however is 9.29 points lower than the national average, which means Bohol is dragging down the national average instead of helping the government pull the number of Filipinos up against a dreaded affliction of the dreaded viral disease.

For fully vaccinated individuals, the Department of Health (DOH) has announced it has fully vaccinated some 33,579,181 or some 43% of the local population.

According to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which is the source of local vaccination data in Bohol, as of November 25, another 394,268 Boholanos have also been given the first dose of the two-dose vaccines.

The 394,268 however is still 40.98% of the 961,822 Boholanos identified for priority vaccination.

In a month’s time, these could be adding to the list of fully vaccinated individuals, getting for Bohol the desired 74.31% of its 961,872 listed individuals.

This is apart from whatever is accomplished during the three-day simultaneous vaccination operations at the end of the month.

Last November 27, BIATF posted its vaccination updates stating that local teams have reached 33% of their targets for full vaccination.

It also showed that it has reached 48% of its target giving them the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccines.

The BIATF shared figures however could be a result of error in computation, hinted BIATF key official. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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