By Helen Castaรฑo | 10:20 AM November 09, 2021

All-day is not the same, you need to wait and be patient.

Kim Mainit of The Voice of the Philippines fame posted on Facebook that he was tired and sad. He then tagged Dumaluan Beach – Marilou Resort. To his surprise, the resort gave him free overnight stay for two.

So far, only Dumaluan Beach-Malou Resort responded.

Mainit said “the “I’m Sad” trend is not to force any businesses to really give out free services/products.”

” In my POV, it’s more like “namarayeg” / “nag lambing” lang ang people ba. It’s not something to be taken seriously. HOWEVER, I believe some businesses see this as a marketing opportunity for them to gain publicity. And maybe, the people they give the freebies to would return the favor by giving out good reviews, endorsements or whatnot, “he posted on Tuesday.

Tagbilaran Councilor Jojo Bompat also posted that he was sad. To make him happy, Tagbilaran City Mayor Baba Yap gave him a new pair of shoes.

Taytay Kubo Hills in Carmen also gave free one night stay good for 4-5 persons.

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