By Marisol Bo-oc | 12:21 AM October 25, 2020
Pauline Amelinckx. Photo: Mikee Andrei Facebook

Bohol’s Pauline Amelinckx is ready to take on the universe in the new edition of the Miss Universe Philippines in Baguio City, this morning, October 25.

While Pauline has yet to bring home the crown, the articulate model has the poise, confidence and ability to give us a good chance of landing the title.

“We are getting closer and closer to @themissuniverseph ‘s coronation night 👑 I’m excited but still trying to keep my cool,” Pauline said on her Facebook.

“I’m excited and just slightly scared.I’m happy and also immensely grateful,” she added.

A crowd favorite, she impressed the judges during the crucial question-and-answer (Q&A) portion.

During the preliminary Q&A, three questions by the panel of judges.

She was first asked the set of skills that people should now develop in the new normal set-up of working from home.

“I have worked from home also during the first few months of the pandemic and I think patience above all else is the one thing that we all need to work on ourselves especially with the Internet connection at home. There are so many times that I’ve had meetings then my Internet connection would fade out and I wouldn’t hear the rest of it. I think patience, above everything else, is something that we work on and, from then on, we have clear minds to work on everything else,” she related.

Her second question was about a local product she would love to promote as part of the #LoveLocal campaign, espoused by the Department of Trade and Industry. She proudly said raffia in Tubigon where she hails from.

“It would be definitely be raffia from Tubigon River. I’m not wearing it at the moment but I would be wearing it for one of the segments,” she replied and then established camaraderie with one of the members of the panel when the latter remarked that he is looking forward to seeing her wearing it.

“Oh, definitely. But I will not indulge with more details on it,” she replied with a smile.
She continued, “Raffia is a product of my hometown in Tubigon and it really takes so many people to make a raffia roll. There’s so much thought and effort that goes into it and it’s a beautiful product with so many possibilities.”

For her final question, she was asked about that “one thing” that young people like her should focus on.

“Staying strong and continuing their dreams of educating themselves even during these pandemic times. We are all having a hard time but that doesn’t mean our dreams, our passions are canceled. They’re just on hold. I think they all need hopes in their hearts to continue what their dreaming for and to somehow make their dreams come true, ” she said.

Amelinckx was crowned Miss Bohol 2017..
She joined the Mutya Ng Pilipinas 2018 and she crowned Miss Global Beauty Queen Philippines 2018. She was supposed to represent the country in Miss Global Queen but it didn’t happen due to tension in the Middle East.

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