By Rey Anthony Chiu | 02:08 PM October 18, 2021

They died of complications and may not necessarily due to the vaccines.

In the Bohol Inter-Agency Task Force on the management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (BIATF) report which showed 2% of those who died of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) were fully vaccinated individuals, doctors clarified that those who died did so, from complications, not necessarily because of the vaccines.

During its latest meeting October 11, Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital (GCGMH) epidemiologist Dr. Ellan Lyll Salada admitted that the 2% of the 506 Covid-19 related deaths are of fully vaccinated individuals but of complications and pre-existing conditions.

The 2% or about 11 of these deaths, while from fully vaccinated individuals, are of some other illnesses, and may not necessarily due to the vaccines.

During the meeting, the Department of Health (DOH) in Bohol showed through nurse Neil John Oclarit that of the existing COVID deaths, 91% or 461 of these are individuals who are unvaccinated, either they have not been given vaccines yet or refused to get vaccinated.

The same DOH data showed that of those who died, another 7% or about 36 of them have had incomplete vaccination; they received only the initial dose before they got infected and eventually succumbed to death.

Moreover, in another slide, Oclarit showed the vaccination status of Active Covid- 19 cases.

With 949 active cases recorded, 613 of these were of non-vaccinated individuals, 300 of those who are confirmed Covid positive cases were with full vaccination and another 36 of these were those from the partially vaccinated.

While the information supports the truth that even those vaccinated can still get the viral disease, medical practitioners and epidemiologists at the DOH assert that those with complete vaccination seldom exhibit any serious effect of the disease, despite getting positive.

The said that those with complete vaccination are afforded full protection against the disease and do not exhibit serious Covid symptoms that need them to get to a hospital.

The same information from the DOH as shared by Oclarit also showed the fact that even fully vaccinated individuals, especially those who still have less than 14 days after the second dose needs to stay home yet, as this time is critical for the vaccine to train the antibodies to respond to the invading virus, leaving the body’s defenses weak.

Additionally, those who have full vaccination are not excepted from becoming carriers of the virus to other people.

In another slide, Oclarit showed that in a study of Covid-19 cases, 49% or 467 of the 949 cases in Bohol showed the family as the source of transmission.

Simply, family members who go out of the house inadvertently bring the virus inside and infect household members.

Another 35% of those who got sick with Covid said they do not know where they got the disease.

As to the DOH, the unknown would mean the contact tracers who interviewed the Covid patients failed to track how the disease got into the patient.

On this, authorities remind family members who are going out of their homes for essential reasons to make sure they disinfect properly before going back inside the house, to make sure the virus could not get in. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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