By Rey Anthony Chiu, PIA-Bohol|01:02 PM March 07, 2021
Balilihan Small Scale Integrated Level Coconut Processing Project (BSILCPP) sells body care products.Photo: Rey Anthony Chiu/PIA-Bohol

From the much neglected tree of life, Balilihan Small Scale Integrated Level Coconut Processing Project (BSILCPP) beneficiaries have extracted cleaning agents and personal body care products that are basically similar to those in the commercial showcases, but are way cheaper.

In fact, with the help of the Bohol Small and Medium Enterprises Development Council (SMED-C), Office of the Provincial Agriculture-Philippine Coconut Industry in Bohol, local government unit of Balilihan, Provincial Government of Bohol, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Trade and Industry, Philippine Coconut Authority and the Bohol Investment Promotion Center, BSILCPP is now adopting a Boholano brand called Greenfields, which they place in their cleaning agents and personal care products.

And to up the ante in the marketing arena, Greenfields, using technology replication from the DOST did not just produce all-purpose detergents, liquid hand soap, liquid dishwashing soap, shampoo, lotion, bathsoap, body wash, including an mosquito repellent, all from coconut, but also sells these in a coin-operated dispenser which will soon be commercially available elsewhere in Bohol.

During the product launching February 24, local leaders together with the DOST and the community beneficiaries took pride in publicly presenting their new line of products, all aimed at reclaiming the slipping value of the coconut in the lives of Boholanos.

This initiative is designed to give communities job and income opportunities through this market driven strategic intervention by the PGBh in collaboration with the different National Government Agencies (NGAs) by developing and sustainably operating a small scale Integrated Village Level Coconut Processing to be located in the Municipality of Balilihan in Bohol, states the project documents as proposed.

This will allow pre-identified coconut communities in Balilihan to operate the project and supply the necessary production skills and raw materials while government enablers and stakeholders provide the needed infrastructure support, working capital requirements for small scale production and its local marketing options, adds DTI Bohol Provincial Director Maria Soledad Balistoy.

For Greenfields Balilihan, of the 6 coco-based products that were developed for local markets, the DOST and PCA were responsible for the technology replication trainings; as the LGU assisted in organizing the trainings at the community level.

On the other hand, the DTI and BIPC led in the implementation of entrepreneurial trainings and seminars that include entrepreneurial mind setting, pricing and costing, product branding, simplified bookkeeping and accounting.

DOST, PCA and the PGBh assisted, identified and provided small-scale production equipment incorporated through training-cum-production scheme, production sheds compliant with Food and Drugs Administration guidelines.

The project helped Baucan Norte women’s organization come up with a coco–based all purpose detergent Soap, Any Day & Conditioning Shampoo, while the women of Datag Sur produced the liquid hand soap, liquid dishwashing soap.

On the other hand, Haguilanan Grande womens group produced bath soap and shampoo bar while Sagasa women’s organization manufactured the body wash, body lotion, including an Anti mosquito repellent lotion.

What is exciting is that they even have variants for their all-purpose detergent soap like antibacterial, bleach and fabric conditioner, said DOST Bohol Provincial Director Vina Antopina.

Compared to commercial all purpose liquid detergent with fabric conditioner which sells at P175 a liter, Greenfields liquid detergent with fabcon is sold at P161; the commercial detergent with bleach is now at P187, while Greenfields’ detergent with bleach is sold at P150, Antopina pointed out.

Balilihan Mayor Pureza Chatto, in behalf of the town thanked all cooperating government agencies who contributed to the successful realization of the project, especially the DOST, DTI and the PCA, for empowering women in her town. (rahchiu/PIA-7/Bohol)

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