By Rey Anthony H. Chiu, PIA-Bohol| 12:57 PM March 01, 2021

Four deaths due to Covid-19 were recorded in Bohol at the end of February.

As of Feb. 27, 2021, Bohol recorded its 22nd Covid-19 deaths, the last two of which occurred in the last two days.

The first death during the month was Bohol’s 19th Covid death, a 43-year old female returning Overseas Filipino Worker from Alicia who died Feb. 8, 2021, followed by a three-day old infant from Maribojoc who died a few days later, a 60-year old female patient with comorbidity from Ubay, and a 22-year old male patient from Don Emilio del Valle Memorial Hospital who was transferred to Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital in Tagbilaran but died while in transit.

The biggest concern, however, is the more recent COVID-19 deaths and the skyrocketing local transmission cases in Tagbilaran City.

From just about ten cases in Tagbilaran City on Feb. 20 and just trailing Dauis and Ubay with 29 local transmission cases each a week ago, Tagbilaran’s recent Covid-19 cases trend is increasing, while Dauis and Ubay have shown indications of going down.

Tagbilaran City now has 30 local transmission cases.

On Feb. 19 when Bohol recorded 88 cases, zero new cases, and 13 cases brought in by returning residents (RR), overseas Filipino workers (OFW) and authorized persons outside residence (APOR), local transmission was at 85.22 percent.

Of the 88 cases all over Bohol on Feb. 26, local transmission was at 75 while 13 cases were from returning residents who pose less risks as they are contained in the town quarantine facilities or town accredited private quarantine.

Of the 75 local transmission cases, Tagbilaran only had 10 local transmission cases compared to 29 cases for both Ubay and Dauis.

That time, Loboc town, another tourist hub, recorded six local transmission cases.

By Feb. 20, of Bohol’s recorded 107 active cases for the day, Tagbilaran still had 10, compared to Dauis’ 29 cases and Ubay’s 27 cases.

On Feb. 21, however, local cases in Tagbilaran more than doubled with 24 local transmission cases.

When Tagbilaran had 24 local transmission cases, Dauis had 23, Ubay had 22, Loboc still had six, while Mabini recorded five local cases.

While the city retained its 24 cases of local transmission by Feb. 22, Dauis recorded only 15 and Ubay had 19 cases.

Loboc and Mabini then had six and five cases, respectively.

On Feb. 23, Tagbilaran logged 27 local cases, while Dauis kept its 15 cases and Ubay had 21.

The same day Loboc recorded six, Mabini with five, and Loay had four.

On Feb, 24, Tagbilaran still sees another spike with 32, Dauis had 15, and Ubay had 21.

Loboc and Mabini maintained each reported figures at six and five, respectively.

On Feb. 25, Tagbilaran’s cases slightly dipped with 28 cases for the day, while Dauis and Ubay maintained 15 and 21 cases, respectively, as Loboc and Mabini still had 6 and 5, respectively.

By Feb. 26, Tagbilaran’s cases resurged with 30, while Dauis and Ubay reported four cases, Loboc had six, and Loay had seven cases.

On Feb. 27, Tagbilaran’s local transmission remained at 30, while Dauis had four, and Ubay had three.

Loay also had seven local transmission cases by the end of February. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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