By Rey Anthony Chiu, PIA-Bohol | 11:51 AM January 31, 2021

From merely three cases of local transmission in January 15, corona virus which causes the dreaded Covid disease slowly and patiently prowled in Bohol since September until it found a stronger foothold enough to start an exponential spread noted this week with multiplying cases traced to local transmission.

It may be recalled that Bohol had its first case of Covid by local transmission in the last week of September and since then, the virus, now a true Boholano has claimed its 27th victim, one who is already in isolation monitored by health authorities.

Even then, Bohol Inter-Agency task Force on managing Emerging Infectious Diseases spokesperson Dr. Cesar Tomas Lopez said Bohol still remains to be among the country’s low risk provinces.

Bohol lists six active Covid cases, and without a new case for the day, last January 15.

Three of these cases were of local transmission while the remaining three cases were from the groups of locally stranded individuals, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), returning OFWs and Authorized persons outside residence.

In January 30 however, Bohol Inter Agency task Force (BIATF) on managing Emerging infectious Diseases reports five new cases, nine cases brought in by LSI, OFWs, ROF and APORS and 23 cases traced to local transmission.

From the three to 23 cases, or some 760 percent increase in cases, Bohol has seen a consistent rise in cases since then.

“This is an indication of the presence of the virus in the community,” BIATF spokesperson Dr. Cesar Tomas Lopez Dr Lopez cited.

“Let us all be vigilant and watchful, let us not forget the established health and safety protocols and let us help out local government units in setting up their own systems of monitoring and following the protocols, and keeping up with the basic hygiene,” Dr Lopez called Thursday in his daily COVID reporting.

Last January 15, the three cases of local transmission were reported from Tagbilaran City, Alburquerque and Candijay.

Three days later, January 18 the three local transmissions remained but the BIATF reported four new cases: three Tagbilaran City residents and one LSI from Inabanga.

By January 20, local transmission increased to 6 cases: four of which were from Tagbilaran with the Alburquerque and Candijay cases as recorded.

In January 21, the cases of local transmission in Tagbilaran City stayed at four, With Alburquerque and Candijay still in the list. Two more cases of local transmission: one from Carmen and another one from Ubay placed the cases of local origins at 8 on that day.

By January 22, local transmission cases jumped to double digits with 11 cases: five cases from Tagbilaran City, while the case of Alburquerque and Candijay were taken out them having recovered from the illness.

In their places however were a case of a resident in Carmen, another in Ubay, one from Clarin, another one from Cortes and one each for Mabini and Dauis.

When January 23 came, BIATF noted 18 cases of local transmission: 6 cases from Tagbilaran, 7 cases from Ubay, along with single cases of local transmission from Carmen, Clarin, Cortes, Mabini and Dauis.

By January 26, Dr. Lopez reports 22 active cases by local transmission, led by Ubay with eight cases, Tagbilaran City with six cases, Panglao with 2 cases, and one each case for Carmen, Clarin, Cortes, Mabini, Dauis and Baclayon.

January 30, at 1:00 PM, BIATF released the daily tracker which details yet another increase in local transmission cases at 27.

In it are 11 cases in Ubay, 5 cases in Tagbilaran, 3 cases in Dauis, 2 cases each for Panglao and Carmen and a single case each for Clarin, Cortes, Mabini and Baclayon. (rahchiu/PIA-7/Bohol)

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