By J. Jala | 08:14 PM June 30, 2020
Sun halo in Bohol.

Some Inabanga residents have witnessed a bright ring around the sun for few minutes on Tuesday just before noon, a rare optical and atmospheric phenomenon called ‘22 degree Sun Halo’.

Residents witnessed it from 10 a.m. to 11.45 a.m.

A halo looks like a whitish ring surrounding the sun. Occasionally, onlookers can see some color in the halo, most often a reddish or blue band in the inner portion of the ring.

But some residents fear the appearance of a halo around the sun means bad things to come.

One of them, Monica Dela Torre, 70, is expecting the worse.

“Tilimad-on na sab ni nga adunay muabot nga katalagman sa Bohol, ” she said.” We’ve seen this happen seven years ago,” Torre told BIN on a phone call.

(This is a sign of a disaster is coming to Bohol. Nakita na ni pito ka tuig ang minglabay.)

However, scientists at the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) said the rare solar halo circling the sun because of the presence of the high-altitude and thin cirrus clouds above a certain area.

‘Sun Halo,’ a circle of light with 22 degree radius, is produced when sun light is refracted in hexagonal suspended ice crystals and super cool water droplets formed in the cirrus clouds. The halo is created when the Sun is aligned with these crystals at a particular angle.

A similar halo can appear around the moon also, or around any source of light when such a refraction process takes place.

The halo may also be followed by good rain, Pagasa said.

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