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Talibon, Tubigon, Tagbilaran top Bohol dengue list in 2020

By PIA-Bohol | 05:48 PM June 29, 2020

Five towns who have been festered with dengue last year flew out of the list of top 10 dengue cases and deaths as populous towns of Talibon, Tubigon and Tagbilaran sidled in to the top three in this year’s alarming rise of dengue cases.

The town of Inabanga used to be ranked first among municipalities with dengue cases and deaths in 2019, having 227 cases and 3 deaths in 2019.

Buenavista, the town next to Inabanga also came strong second with 223 cases and one death, while Dauis, a town in close proximity of about 3 kilometers from Tagbilaran City ranked seventh in the 2019 top ten list with 56 cases and zero death.

Sagbayan and Calape, ranked 9th and 10th in 2019, had 45 cases and 44 cases of dengue, with Sagbayan lost two lives in their struggle against the mosquito-vectored illness, Calape hand no deaths.

Whatever the five towns did and how they overturned their anti-dengue programs, all five towns flew off the list, a feat possibly worth a second hard look by towns which still continue to be buzzed by the annoying mosquito-borne illness.

Dengue, is a kind of fever caused by dengue virus which is a mosquito-bite.

Symptoms, which may appear a few days after the infection may include high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and possible skin rashes.

When the Provincial Government swooped into a series of dengue-focused campaign in towns where dengue soared high last year, the numbers even got higher this year as dengue cases rose by 37.83%, according to Provincial Health Office Anti-Dengue focal person and nurse Leonidas Saniel.

In 2020, from January to June 13, Saniel reported that the PHO’s data showed that Talibon, which used to be ranked fourth in 2019 with 132 cases with no deaths, now records 376 cases and 4 deaths.

Tubigon, which ranked sixth in 2019 with 86 cases and no deaths, now climbed to second after Talibon with 194 cases and a single casualty.

Tagbilaran City retained is position as third in the list of dengue cases in both 2019 and 2020; in 2019, it had 153 cases and four deaths, while this year, Tagbilaran has 159 cases and no deaths.

Clarin, which used to be eighth in 2019 with 52 cases and zero deaths, rose to fourth with 114 dengue cases and zero deaths in 2020.

Barging into the list this year is Ubay, with 99 cases and 2 deaths.

Also in 2020, Getafe, which was not in the top ten in 2019, climbed to sixth with 97 cases and one death.

Loon, which was fifth in number of dengue cases in 2019, went down to seventh in 2020 with 91 cases and no deaths.

Anda, with 87 cases, no deaths, Alicia with 79 cases and zero deaths and Bien Unido with 72 cases and 2 deaths comprise the last three in the top ten list this year, data shared by Saniel showed. (rahchiu/PIA-7/Bohol)

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