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Bohol Governor Art Yap orders ‘intensified quarantine’ and ‘calibrated lockdown’

By Bohol Island News Staff | 12:02 AM March 25, 2020
The Plaza Rizal in Tagbilaran City, Bohol when a community quarantine was implemented on March 16, 2020.

Bohol Governor Arthur Yap will place the entire province into “intensified quarantine” and “calibrated lockdown”.

In its Executive Order (EO) 18, operations of all business and commercial establishments will be suspended.

“It will remain as such until the community quarantine is lifted,” a portion of the EO reads.

The following establishments will allowed to open and operate:

– Public markets shall operate from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. and all vendors and buyers shall wear masks. “One-entry, one-exit” policy will be imposed. Stalls selling non-essential good and commodities such as but not limited to non-good products, dry goods, plastic wares, flowers and the like shall not be allowed to open and operate.


-Supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores,

– Hospitals, medical clinics, medical facilities, diagnostic centers and laboratories

– Water-refilling stations

– Banks and financial institutions ( including pawnshops, money transfer services, lending agencies, payment and remittance centers)

-Public utilities, (including power, energy, water and telecommunications)

-Gasoline stations (including those selling LPG)

-Funeral parlors (provided that there is no public viewing and wakes are limited only to family members)

-Restaurants, fastfood chains and other food establishments (provided that their operations shall be limited to take-out or delivery)

-Media establishments

-Shipping and cargo handling companies and services

-Agricultural supply stores

– Food manufacturing and food processing plants and facilities (including those producing rice, grains, flour, wheat, meat, fish and other related products)

-Hardware and construction supplies

However, they will only be allowed to operate until 7 p.m. except for hospitals, medical clinics and facilities, diagnostic centers and laboratories, pharmacies and drug stores, public utilities, media establishments, and shipping and cargo.

Yap also advised to observe social distancing during operating hours in the establishments allowed to operate during the community quarantine.

He said loitering shall be prohibited.

Those who will have transactions with these establishments are advised to immediately leave the premises after completing them.

All drivers of public utility vehicles, tricycles and other public conveyances will be directed to wear face masks.

Yap advised Boholanos to stay in their respective residences and shall only go out of their homes for very important and urgent concerns, such as but not limited to, go to work, buy food, goods, grocery supplies, medicines and other needs, go to hospitals and clinics for check-up, go to the banks to transact business, buy water, and to deliver such items to other household and individuals.

However, no one will be allowed to go out during the provincial-wide curfew hours except for frontliners and authorities.

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