By Bohol Island News Staff | 11:32 AM December 17, 2019
A 40-foot tall Christmas tree made of recycled materials is on display at Sevilla town plaza .

Plastic bottles, used cardboard, local plants and scrap end up as Christmas trees and parols (lanterns) put on display at the town plaza of Sevilla.

The centerpiece is a 40-foot high tree made from a recycled green cloth and decorated with small yellow and blue parols.

The local government of Sevilla had required their barangays and schools to put up a Christmas tree and parol made from recycled and indigenous materials.

The activity was part of the municipality’s solid waste management initiative to reduce trash.

This year, Christmas decorations come with a twist.

A parol was made from plastic spoons with a nativity scene at the center decorated with candy wrappers.

Another eye-catching parol was made from plastic wrappers and softdrink bottles shaped into flowers.

One Christmas tree was made from rice straw decorated with coconut fruits.

While another Christmas tree was made from bamboo decorated with corncobs.

All the Christmas trees and parols have Christmas lights. with a report and photos by J. Digal

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