U2 dedicates song to women who ‘rewrite history’

By Bohol Island News Staff | 01:30 AM December 12, 2019

Irish rock band U2 on Wednesday night’s concert at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan dedicated a song to some notable women who “rewrite history” in the country.

The band played their hit song “Ultraviolet” with a video playing in the massive backdrop, featuring the faces of feminist icons around the world, including female Filipino icons like Melchora Aquino, Joan Carling, Lea Salonga and Rappler’s CEO Maria Ressa.

Lead singer and activist Bono repeatedly mentioned Maria Ressa.

“Women who light up history, your own Maria Ressa is an incredible woman,” the singer said.

“But…even Maria will say it’s not about individuals. It’s about collective action. It’s about social movement, so that all of you will grow up to be the President or Maria Ressa.”

Bono called on the audience to keep volunteers and “truth-tellers” in their prayers.

“Today I met some incredible volunteers of the Red Cross. Let’s keep them in our prayers, the ones who keep us safe from physical harm,” he said.

“Also in our prayers, let’s keep the journalists, the truth-tellers, the activists who keep this country spiritually safe. We salute you,” he added.

Bono earlier underscored the importance of the safety of journalists.

He also appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte not to compromise human rights for the sake of progress.

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