DLSU alumni offer needs-based scholarship for public school students

By PR | 10:58 AM September 25, 2019

De La Salle University (DLSU) Computer Batch (Catch) 89, is offering a needs-based scholarship for any computer science course in the university starting on Academic Year 2020-2021.

The scholarship program is limited to public high school students with a minimum grade average of 80, and grades no less than 85 in Science and Math.

The package includes P10,500 monthly allowance, a laptop, and mentoring by alumni.

The deadline for DLSU general admissions requirements submission is September 30, 2019 for online applications.

Applicants in provinces have other/later deadlines; please consult the DLSU website for your location of interest.

Entrance exam to DLSU is free.

The goal of the program is to grant it to a deserving student who can uplift his/her family, which is why preference is to be given to the candidate who will be the first in the family to graduate from College.

Candidates should indicate in the college application form that they are applying for a scholarship.

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