Bohol dioceses to go solar

By Bohol Island News Staff | 08:40 PM September 11, 2019

The Diocese of Tagbilaran and the Diocese of Talibon in Bohol province will soon shift to solar energy as part of their intensified campaign to help preserve the environment.

Bishop Alberto Uy of Tagbilaran.

The Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) News reported that the dioceses said they are currently working together with private companies and other institutions for the wide-scale use of solar power.

“More importantly, it will help preserve the environment,” the bishops said.

The prelates, in a statement, said they were currently in talks with private companies for the wide-scale installation of solar panels in the dioceses.

“Part of the cross that we carry as disciples of Jesus is the responsibility to care for the world that is entrusted to us. The solar program will minimize our dependence on power whose rates continue to go up while the services provided leave much to be desired, and hence our experience of brownouts,” Uy and Parcon said in CBCP News post.

Bishop Patrick Daniel Parcon of Talibon.

They said the solar program will minimize their dependence on power whose rates continue to go up “while the services they provide leave much to be desired, and hence our experience of brownouts”.

In a pastoral statement issued last July, the country’s bishops have called for the immediate transition to safe, clean and affordable energy to help combat climate change.

The prelates agreed to push for the use of other renewable sources of energy, and the rejection of “dirty” ones like coal and fossil fuel.

The Bohol dioceses enjoined the faithful to take good care of our “common home because we are only servants, not owners”.

“We are just stewards acting on behalf of a God whose love and compassion do not end,” they added.

Several dioceses have been slowly moving to solar power as part of the Church’s revitalized ecology programs.

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