Vandals at Dauis bridge now gone after teens’ parents volunteered to repaint it

Bohol Island News Staff | Posted 12 midnight, Sept. 10, 2019

A bridge in Bohol has become the subject of a widely shared post after some heartbroken teenagers literally printed their heartaches on some portions of the concrete structure and vandalized it.

Photo credits to Johnny Ferniz

The Ambassador Jacinto Castel Borja Bridge, popularly known as Dauis Bridge, became a witness and a victim of vandalism.

Photo credits to Johnny Ferniz

On Sunday, Facebook user Johnny Ferniz shared several photos of the vandalized area of the bridge.

His post was already shared 266 times and drew mixed reactions from those who read it.

Facebook user Nitsi Inting commented the ones who did it have “no manners”.

There were also those who suggested that since there are names on the vandals, authorities should look for them and make them face the consequences for what they did.

Even Dauis Mayor Marietta Sumaylo wasn’t happy about it.

In a separate post on Monday, Sumaylo even offered P5,000 reward for those who can identify the culprits.

Hours later after her post, the parents came to her office to apologize. They have also voluntarily repainted the area.

Sumaylo also advised teenagers that it is always better to take things slow.

Known before as Taytay Bridge which linked Tagbilaran City with Panglao Island, it was renamed to Ambassador Jacinto Castel Borja Bridge in 1995. Borja was the first and only Boholano to serve as Philippine envoy to the United Nations. He also served as a provincial governor of Bohol from 1952 to 1955.

The Dauis Bridge is a popular destination to watch sunsets and enjoy the evening among teenagers.

Photo credits to Johnny Ferniz

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