‘Bongga,’ ‘Despedida,’ ‘OFW’  enter  Oxford Dictionary

The third and current edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) makes a space for a number of Filipino words, and ‘Bongga’ is one of these.

‘Bongga’ is defined as a slang word for extravagant and flamboyant.

‘Halo-halo’ is a Filipino snack or dessert.

‘Despedida’ is a farewell event.

‘Gimmick’ means night out with friends.

‘Kikay kit’ is a cosmetic case.

‘Kilig’ is an emotion.

‘Trapo’ means traditional politician.

Excited to know the definition of OFW?

Based on http://www.lexico.com, an online dictionary powered by OED, OFW means “a person from the Philippines who is living and working in another country, typically on a temporary basis.”

The OED is one of the largest and longest language research project in the world. The OED includes a number of words from various English languages including the Philippine English.

“Filipinos have enriched the English vocabulary since the language was first introduced to the country on a wide scale at the turn of the 19th century. Since then, Filipinos have not only contributed new words but have also expanded the meanings of existing ones,” the Philippine Embassy in the UK said.

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