Live hog farm gate prices less P10 in last 3 months

By Rey Anthony Chiu | 10:36 PM November 20, 2023

Farm gate prices for live hogs in Bohol decreased by P10.00 in November, compared to the prices monitored in June of this year. 

According to the consolidated data shared by the Municipal Agriculture Office Price Monitoring Teams across Bohol, as of November 10, 2023, or three months after an outbreak of the dreaded African Swine Fever (ASF) momentarily shook Bohol’s multi-billion hog industry, commercial farms have lowered their price a good P10.00 doe every 10 kilo weight classification for live hogs purchased from their farms. 

For example, for the 61 to 70 kilos of live hog, the present price is a P233.00 a kilo, or a 61 kilo live hog could cost about P14,213. 

This is already a hug decline from the June 23, 2023 price monitoring report which showed that the same weight category costs P243.00 a kilo or for the 61 kilos live hog, or P14,823.

Last June 23, 2023, the farm gate prices for live hogs are as follows: 71-80 kilos at P226, 81-90 kilos at P208, 91-100 at P190, 101-110 kilos ate P186, 111-120 kilos at P182, 121-130 at P178 and 131 to 140 at P174. 

By last week, November 10, the farm gate prices are 71-80 at P216, 81-90 kilos at P198, 91-100 kilos at P180, 101-110 kilos at P176, P111-120 kilos at P170, 121-130 kilos at P168 and 131 to 140 kilos at P164. 

Pork sales however tell and entirely different story. 

In the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (OPV)Price Monitoring Report, the price of lean meat, ham and belly have changed in the last three months. 

For lean meat for example, in June, supermarket A in Tagbilaran sold lean meat at P325 a kilo, ham at P325.00 and belly at P365.00. 

By November, the same Supermarket A sold lean meat at P350.00, ham at P350 and pork belly at P365.00.  

Another Supermarket, or Supermarket C sold lean meat in June at P325.00, ham at P300 and belly at P350.00. 

By November, the same Supermarket C sold lean meat at P300.00, ham at P290.00 and belly at P330.00 

For City Public Markets, lean meat in Dao last June was priced at P320.00, ham at P330 and belly at P330. 

By November, the same Dao Satellite Market sold lean meat at P330, ham at P330 and belly at the same P330. 

In Cogon Public Market, in June, Lean meat was sold at P300, ham at P300 and belly at P300, and by November, the same price prevailed at P300 for all featured choice cuts. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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