Woman fakes robbery ‘due to life problems’

By Marisol Bo-oc | 10:58 PM July 24, 2023

A woman from Baclayon town in Bohol fabricated a story that she lost P30,000 to robbery.

Elma Panongcoy in her Facebook account on July 22, 2023 said that she was along CPG Avenue near Land Bank on Friday (July 21) when a robber armed with knife took her P30,000.

“Looy kaau ko gahaponng adlawa. Uy sa may CPG tagbilaran sa land bank. nakoha jud Ang 30k sa y mga poangod nga tolisan Ajo Gani KY wa ko dunggaba igo ragetoslok ako kilid nasamad Gamay hantod karon nagkorug kurug pako sa kahadlok.mao ni ako bag nagesi KY nagberahay me KY Ang ako cuarta ila kohaon wajud nako makaya nako ha jud Ang cuarta.c lord nalang Ang mahibalo sa Akoa.gabaan patong nanolis nako gahapon.abinako mamatay nako KY dihay kotselyo na getion nako,” she said.

Her now deleted post became viral.

When Tagbilaran City Police learned of the robbery incident, they immediately conducted the investigation for possible identification and arrest of the perpetrator.

They even interviewed then victim in her residence situated in Purok Limonsito, Guiwanon Baclayon, Bohol.

As police dug deeper, the operatives also viewed the CCTV nearby that captured the scene of the incident where it was found out that there was no sign that a robbery took place as alleged in her Facebook post.

Panongcoy was seen walking on her own and nobody approached or tailed her, contrary to her allegation.

Panongcoy confessed it was all a hoax. She submitted a notarized apology letter pertaining to the alleged incident.

She said she did it “because of life problems.”

“Akong nahimo to nga statement tungod sa problema sa akong kinabuhi,” she said in her letter. “Wala nako mabalanse unsay maayo or dili.”

Tagbilaran City Police Station said they encouraged residents to report any occurrence of crime to the nearest police station rather than posting on social media for immediate resolution of the case and for security purposes.

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