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The Alyansang Bol-anon para sa Kausaban (Abaka), a Bohol-based citizen movement, launched on Friday ‘Tampo Para sa Kawsa’
(Fundraising for a Cause) to help media personalities who are facing threats and raps for exposing anomalies.

In a statament, Abaka said Governor Arthur Yap who filed inciting to sedition to three media personalities—Peter Dejaresco of the Bohol Chronicle and Station DyRD, ex-Mayor Dan Lim and Willy Ramasola— has crossed the line with the Boholano people.

There has been no let-up in the allegations of abuse of government funds in blatant disregard of the worst pandemic that hit Bohol. And the sad part is that the end is not yet in sight. Stung by the series of exposes of pure-blooded Boholano Willy Ramasola and the graft complaint of former Tagbilaran Mayor Dan Lim, Gov. Yap filed libel complaints against Mr. Ramasola. Worse, he has filed a case for inciting to sedition against Peter Dejaresco of the Bohol Chronicle and Station DyRD, ex-Mayor Lim and Ramasola,” it said.

Abaka said long before Boholanos became aware that Gov. Yap claims to be one, he had been charged in well-publicized graft cases.

“In fact, Gov. Yap was suspended by the Sandiganbayan a few months after assuming office as Bohol governor. Many of these cases filed when he was Department of Agriculture Secretary and National Food Authority Administrator during the term of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo are still pending before the anti-graft court, proof that Gov. Yap knows his way around, ” Abaka said.

It said the latest complaint against Dejaresco, Lim and Ramasola are ridiculous but are serious matters that should not be taken lightly.

The exposes about the alleged instances of corruption detailed by the Bohol Chronicle, DyRD, Lim and Ramasola and the complaint filed by Lim are a matter of interest to every self-respecting Boholano.

“If Gov. Yap is right that he has not abused his position, no problem. He should be assuaged by a balm of a clean conscience. As every public servant should be aware of, public scrutiny and accountability are part of a public servant. He should not be onion-skinned as far as criticism of his official actions is concerned,” Abaka said.

“Gov. Yap, however, obviously does not think this doctrine should apply to him. No one can say the sedition case he filed is last ones. Gov. Yap himself said in a radio interview that he filed the sedition case because he wants to silence them (his claimed critics.) If his intention is to silence criticism, we expect more cases not only against the three but also others who will come out in the open to condemn the abuse of public funds by the Capitol,” it said.

“There is also the real and present danger that there will be other personalities who would follow the example of Gov. Yap in suing their critics including, but not limited to, those already facing charges. This is what we should brace for,” Abaka added.

Abaka has decided to contribute to this cause of the Boholano citizen with the launching of Tampo Para sa Kawsa. Concerned Boholanos have started contributing for the legal expenses for those who will come next (after Ramasola, Lim and Dejaresco).

It said the crusade is a matter of interest for every self-respecting Boholano who values not only the sanctity of public funds but also the dignity of the Boholano.

It said, “Abaka members from all walks of life have signified their intention to stand up and be counted. With each passing day, Abaka has been swamped by irate Boholanos expressing their intention to contribute to the litigation expenses for those people who Gov. Yap will judge as his critics.”

Abaka said it will not be the custodian of the funds to be raised for this purpose. Instead, an account exclusively for Tampo Para sa Kawsa (Fundraising for a Cause) is now open for those who want to contribute to this crusade.

The deposit can be made directly to this account so it won’t serve any other purpose.

“It is a time to show that Boholano courage did not die with Francisco Dagohoy, Tamblot and all the brave Boholanos down through the centuries. Tampo Para sa Kawsa is not the only way to express our solidarity with the Boholano people, but it is one visible way to do it,” the statement said.

For donations:

GoFundMe Account:

For Direct Bank Donations:

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Account Number: 009313-0429-17
Account Name: Alyansa Bol-Anon Alang sa Kausaban Inc.

Bank: Banco de Oro (BDO)
Account Number: 007810266605
Account Name: Alyansa Bol Anon Alang sa Kausaban ABAKA Inc.

M Lhuillier (ML) Kwarta Padala Donations:
Receiver’s Name (Padalhan): Alyansa Bol-Anon Alang sa Kausaban (ABAKA) Inc.
Note: ML Kwarta Padala will charge a service fee per donation.

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