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A ground breaking ceremony for the soon to rise Regional Cultural Hub in Mt. Banat-i in Bool, Tagbilaran City was held on Thursday, Nov. 4, during the 125th birthday of former Pres. Carlos P. Garcia.

When the Facebook page of Provincial Government of Bohol posted a photo of the proposed design, netizens were quick to comment not to disturb the hill, an iconic landmark in the city.

Willy Ramasola, a long-time critic of Gov. Art Yap, said the Regional Cultural Hub in Mt. Banat-i is a “fantasy resort.”

“I hope the authorities will re-think Mt. Banat-i as the site for the Regional Cultural Hub. As of now, am not convinced this is a good site as the area ought to be a โ€œno build zone”, ‘ commented Rosalinda Paredes.

Raymond Canlas said, ” I commend the grandeur of this project, but please let’s PRESERVE THE MT. BANAT-I. This huge complex development is too much to bear on Mt Banat-i and would certainly bring impact in the community both in terms of advantageous and the disadvantageous. (as of karon nga scenario, kung naay heavy downpour of rain that will last even for 30mins-1 hr, grabe na ang baha sa low-lying areas tungod sa concreting of road going to habitat ug sa Banat-i road to Camella homes unya madugangan pa aning road nerwork. At this moment nga nagkaanam ug kanipis ang kahoy sa Mt. Banat-i dili na kaayo maapas ug surop ang tubig sa uwan how much more ug madeforested ang large amount of land development. wala pay storm sewer ang CPG east avenue) These are some of our public concerns hoping for consideration.”

Clarky Pumares said he would prefer to make it as Banat-i Hill Park as a development.

” The city need lungs for citizens to breathe,” he said.

“Comparing the two pictures, I appreciate more the beauty of a natural environment which is worth preserving, rather than putting any developmental intervention. Hope the location will be reconsidered, ” Angela Fucanan said.

Reyna Clemena Deloso, a Capitol executive, posted on Facebook that the Regional Cultural Hub is not a fantasy resort.

She explained that the Central Visayas Regional Cultural Hub in Banat-i hill will house the following:

a) The Rajah Sikatuna Blackbox with Restaurant and viewing deck building;
b) Mangayaw Museum of Four Provinces building;
c) Bisaya Contemporary Arts Gallery and Exhibition building;
d) Bohol Arts,Culture and Heritage Training Center with guest rooms building; and, e) the Datu Pagbuaya and Dailisan Grand Open Amphitheater .

“It will also cement Boholโ€™s place as one of the countryโ€™s centers of arts and culture exhibition,” Clemena said.

Prof. Marianito Luspo also defended the project.

In his Facebook post, he said hills and mountains have been the source of inspiration for our Boholano ancestors as high places have always been special, mystical spaces for people all over the world, for which reason shrines, temples and memorials.

“If there be structures to be raised here fittingly, it would and should be those aimed at cultivating the human spirit so as to commune with the divine, celebrating the Boholano soul, nurturing our creativity and inspiring people to look into themselves, enabling us to reconnect with our past and empowering us to hammer out our future as dignified and free people,” he said.

He said the facility to service not just the creative sectors of Bohol but of Cebu, Negros Oriental and Siquijor.

” This is a project of the national government through the National Commission for Culture and the Arts with support by the Regional Development Council and the Provincial Government of Bohol, one of many other similar facilities to be raised in other regions of the country, as well,” he said.

” Strangely, some criticize the project for being planned to stand on a hill. But did you hear them protest when private hotels, communication towers, cell sites and private homes and facilities have been built in many high places in the province, all dedicated to private enterprise and the pursuit of profit? Did you hear them complain when private entrepreneurs have titled and appropriated many of Bohol’s upland areas, some even planning to exploit them for mining purposes?” he said.

” Some of these objectors did raise valid concerns: environmental degradation, drainage spillover, sustainability issues, etc., But do you think the project took that long to reach this stage from 2018 when the offer was first made by the NCCA if rigid studies and careful planning had not been made?, ” Luspo added.

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