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Czar Petrus Cempron was born in 1974 in Poblacion, Getafe, Bohol to an artistically-inclined family.

While he never underwent formal training in the painter’s craft, he learned his art from watching his father and uncle express themselves through canvas, as well as through hanging out as informal apprentice with professional artists during his younger years.

He took up Education in college but shifted to a nautical school where he ultimately graduated.

In 2000 he was hired as a seaman overseas, a job that brought him to various places.

Nine months later he figured out it a freak accident while doing ship maintenance duty somewhere in the Arabian Sea. The explosion killed some of his shipmates, and while he barely survived, the accident left him permanently maimed and scarred.

During his long period of physical rehabilitation, he fell into a deep depression, angry and bitter with God, his life and with the world. What saved him was the realization that despite his situation, he was still left with some facility with his fingers that he could use to pursue his childhood passion – to draw and paint the world of truth and beauty around him. It was, thus, that Czar Petrus found light, and having reacquainted himself with his brush and pallet he endeavoured to capture sunlight as it touches the tropical home he lived in.

While most of Czar Petrus’early canvasses betray his fascination for Fernando Amorsolo, the original “painter of sunlight”, the use of stark darker tones juxtaposed with lightness is entirely his, obviously expressing his liberating journey from darkness to light.

Czar Petrus Cempron continues to live and paint in the town of his birth, together with his beloved wife, Annaliza and three kids, all of which have equally shown propensity for the Visual Arts.

The public can see the artworks of Czar Petrus Cempron at the Escuela de Ninas, formerly the vacated National Museum – Bohol on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

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