By Helen Castano | 08:12 PM March 30, 2021
Rep. Alexie Besas-Tutor as guest speaker during the Women’s Month celebration in Dimiao town. Photo: Tutor Facebook page

March is Women’s month, and what better way to celebrate than a round-up of the best quotes from Bohol 3rd district Representative Alexie Besas-Tutor, one of the most amazing and influential women in Bohol province.

Rep. Alexie Besas-Tutor

“To all Women Out there, today is our day!! Kumbati,” she said during the Women’s Month celebration at the Bohol Provincial Police Office.

◾️ “I would like to encourage you all to rise to the ranks. Someday a woman will lead. We have guts to make it to the top.”

◾️ “Hanggang saan ang kaya mo Juana? A question which entails an inevitable answer. But as Juana, I would say, hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan.”

◾️ “We Juanas will never give up. Kaya natin to Juana. Kumbati! “

◾️ “We have this unique brand of leadership encompassing inclusivity & innovation. Inherent in us this motherly instinct & to deal people always with a heart.”

◾️ “May we all be reminded that every Juana is strong, flexible & resilient. Walang hindi kaya ni Juana.”

◾️ “We women are marvelous creatures of which a man cannot live without. We are a beautiful puzzle that men continues to solve.”

Women’s Month celebration in Dimiao town.

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