PBB 8 winner YamYam Guc-ong homecoming excites fans and supporters

By Bohol Island News Staff | 10:06 PM November 17, 2019
Inabanga Mayor Josephine Jumamoy with PBB 8 winner YamYam Guc-ong and fellow PBB housemate Fumiya. Contributed Photo

ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) 8 winner YamYam Guc-ong received a very warm welcome from his fellow Inabangnons during his grand homecoming parade on Saturday, November 16.

YamYam was with fellow housemate Fumiya Sankai.

The adoring crowd, many of whom stepped out of their houses, jammed the streets and snapped pictures of only the first Boholano to win the PBB reality show.

At the Inabanga Municipal Hall, YamYam met Mayor Josephine Jumamoy, local leaders and department heads.

He also met Gov. Art Yap and “Yamsters”.

After his courtesy calls, YamYam and Fumiya went to the INB Cultural and Creative Park (INB CCP)for the Christmas light-on ceremony.

At one point, rain drizzled before the light-ons ceremony but this didn’t stop the event which followed by a fireworks display.

Inabanga is the first municipality to have their annual Christmas display.

The INB CCP is illuminating with Christmas lights, a giant belen, hanging parols, giant Christmas trees and LED-light cherry blossoms.

Fans and supporters during the homecoming of YamYam Guc-ong. Photos: Municipality of Inabanga FB
Inabanga Councilor Jose Jono Jumamoy meets YamYam Guc-ong and Fumiya upon their arrival at Bohol Panglao International Airport. Photo: Coun. Jono Jumamoy FB

Christmas at Inabanga Cultural and Creative Park

Photos: Municipality of Inabanga

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