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A 19-year -old girl from Alburquerque town was hospitalized after she tried to cut her wrist on Thursday afternoon, August 22.

Radio station dyTR reported on Friday that Maria (not her real name), who works as a house helper in Alburquerque town, was depressed because she always gets into an argument with her mother.

Before the alleged suicide attempt, Maria was seen drinking an alcoholic beverage alone.

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Some people in the house saw her with blood after she cut her wrist using a blade. She was brought immediately to Gov. Celestino Gallares Hospital in Tagbilaran City for treatment.

But according to Police Staff Sergeant Noel Monton of Alburquerque Police Station, there was no record of the attempted suicide on Thursday.


Meanwhile, in Garcia Hernandez town, Bohol, a 19-year-old man was found dead hanging from a tree last Monday, Aug. 19.

Police identified the fatality as John Paul Betonio single and a delivery boy of an agrivet supplier.

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In a report by Police Captain Sinforiano Abayabay of the Garcia Police Station to the Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO), the victim’s younger brother was the one who reported to them of the incident.

Police investigation revealed that before the incident happened, John Paul was drunk and allegedly had an argument with his father who forbade him to go back in a drinking spree with his friends.

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To stop the argument, his father decided to walked away and left the house heading to Guindulman town.

John Paul proceeded to their kitchen and looked for a rope and went inside his room. When he went out from his room, his grandmother asked him why he had a rope and where he was going.

He did not look back nor uttered any reply.

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His younger brother told police he saw the rope which was inserted at the back of the victim’s pants who went hurriedly to an aslope area a few meters from their house.

The victim shouted to his younger brother “ Carlo ikaw na bahala sa akong cellphone ug mga gamit nako.”

The younger brother felt that something happened to his elder brother and immediately sought help from their neighbor to locate him.

The younger brother and a neighbor found the victim already hanging from a coconut tree.

The neighbor instructed the younger brother to look for a bolo to cut the rope hoping to save John Paul.

He was rushed to Teodoro B. Galagar District Hospital in Jagna town but he was declared dead on arrival by Dr. Jay Orehuela.

Police said there was no indication of foul play. Police are eyeing “ family problems” as the cause of his death.

In Camotes Island, Cebu, the Department of Education -Cebu Province Division is investigating the death of the 14-year-old Grade 9 student who hanged himself in an apparent suicide last Aug. 8.

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Reports said that John (not his real name) was believed to be verbally abused and shamed by a teacher in front of his schoolmates and classmates. He was also taunted afterward by his fellow students who were around when the scolding happened.

Sketchy reports say that the teacher asked John to tend her business. But the teacher got mad at the student and even demanded payment for the damages to her motorcycle.

Confiding in his grandmother didn’t also help as the latter got mad after learning of the incident. Her grandmother was furious as she was worried about how to repay the damages that the teacher demanded.

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The boy’s grandmother only earns her living by selling fish (lab-asera) from house to house in their neighborhood.

Later in the evening, the boy volunteered to tend their goat nearby.

It was her grandmother who discovered the boy already hanging from a mango branch already lifeless.

Bishop Abet Uy of the Diocese of Tagbilaran expressed concern over the rising incidents of deaths due to suicide in the province.

He issued an “Oratio Imperata,” a prayer to suppress the suicide cases in the province.

Uy, who said that the Church is “very much worried to this urgent concern,” he called for the faithful to read and utter the “obligatory prayer.”

Last Aug. 18, The Tuburan, the publication of the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Tagbilaran, printed the “Pagsumpo Alang sa Pagsumpo sa Pagdagsang sa Kaso sa Hikog.”

If you are in emotional crisis and in need of immediate assistance, please contact the 24/7 hotline Tawag Paglaum at 0939-937-5433/0939-936-5433/0927-654-1629. Psychologists from the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) will be the ones to provide you with the right intervention you need. Also, you can speak to them in vernacular so you can freely express yourself.

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