Roger Ryan Magtagad with Jun Quimpan (center) and Bebei Tagoctoc.

Hairstylist and beauty expert Jun Quimpan (Fausto Quimpan Jr in real life) passed away at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, August 21.

He was 52.

His death was confirmed by his close friends.

Roger Ryan Magtagad of The Art Nouveau has  praised him for his kindness.

Magtagad said when she went out at age 16, it was Quimpan who accepted and guided her. He even pushed her to achieve great things in life.

“I dont know where to start. But Thank U jud sa tanan2x. Ur My Mentor, Handler, Trainor, Advicer and Supporter,” she shared on Facebook.

Jun, together with his partner Bebei Tagoctoc, changed the face of beauty pageant and hairstyling in Bohol.

He was considered as one of the icons to the younger generations of gays in Bohol.

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