Life for 28-year-old April Baja Cadeliña of Canjulao in Jagna town, Bohol was never easy.

Growing up in a family of nine, she too had to work and earn to help them survive each day.

But one part of her childhood experience made her prepare for her current role today as a trainer and educator.

April Baja Cadeliña’s Facebook account

Manual labor in preparing ‘tableja’ wasn’t a burden to April.

She saw this as an opportunity to help her parents especially after her father Alfeo stopped working as a porter when she was still in Grade 2.

Her mother Apolonia, in order to make ends meet, had to double her production.

Instead of playing, April used her spare time to help the family’s earnings.

It was through the training she had with the tedious process of making ‘tableja’ that somehow honed her hands and muscles.

It was this training that helped her when she took a regular course on Bread and Pastry Production, which was offered at a local training center of the Technical Education And Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in her hometown in Jagna.

Like her childhood days, April took this opportunity while waiting for the teacher’s board exam.

After 18 days of training, April finished the course and was among the top 25 graduates back then.

Another good news came when she passed the teacher’s board exam after.

But it was as if fate really has ways to let her find her niche.

While waiting for her application as a regular teacher, April took another scholarship this time for the Trainer Methodology Course Certification I.

Her inclination to sharing the joy of manual labor in baking cakes earned her a slot to work as a job order employee at TESDA.

April Baja Cadeliña’s Facebook account

Now, a certified TESDA trainer, April also hopes that she will impart even the small lessons she had learned in her life to the other TESDA trainees.

“I never realized until recently how hard it is to make a P5 bread,” she said.

April specializes in making cinnamon rolls, butter cake, and moist chocolate cake.

April continues to give back as a contracted trainer at TESDA. She wanted to show to others that all work and no play doesn’t usually make one a dull person.

Sometimes, it makes one become the best version of herself in this lifetime. with reports from Rey Anthony/PIA- Bohol

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