They say practice makes perfect. But what happens if you lack the time to practice your routines for a dance performance?

For dance partners Angelyn Lozada Prieto and Cristorey Vincent Cavalida, improvisation is the way to do it.

So what were they really supposed to perform?

At the first few seconds of the video clip, you may assume that they would do a classic ballroom dance judging also from their costumes.

But in the middle of their dance, Cavalida instead did a hip-hop routine that made the audience cheer and burst into laughter.

Prieto in the video was seen joining her partner do some freestyle routines too.

The video was shot at the covered court of the BIT International College (formerly Bohol Institute of Technology) during their basic education day celebration.

Their dance performance has earned 23,000 shares as of this writing. It also has close to a million or 985,000 views.

Even netizens can’t help but be amused by the performance of the two dancers.


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