An unregistered motor banca, which docked at Barangay Pasil Fish Port, was apprehended by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in Cebu for travelling without their clearance on Friday.

The apprehended motorbanca “Mon-Jin” was flagged down by the PCG’s Special Operations unit near north east off Shell Island while they were conducting seaborne patrol.

Upon docking at Pasil Fish Port, PCG Cebu assisted first in the safe disembarkation of 20 passengers from the motor banca.

The skipper Ferdinand Camacho was asked to report to PCG Cebu Station for a formal investigation.

During the investigation, it was later found out that they departed from Barangay Nasingin in Getafe town, Bohol province with passengers and 20 boxes of assorted fish on board. They were really bound for Pasil Fish Port.

However, the boat was unregistered and undocumented which led to the issuance of Enforcement Inspection Apprehension Report (EIAR).

A formal hearing is set for this.

As of this writing, PCG has not allowed sea voyage for vesses below the 250 gross tonnage because of the gale warning raised over the Central Visayas seaboard since Monday.

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