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WATCH: Contingents swayed their steps in Sandugo Kuradang Street-dancing

“Bangga sa Kuradang ug Subli sa Sandugo” used the kuradang as the main basis and inspiration of the dance competition to make it more rooted in Boholano aesthetics in music, dance and content. It had also put emphasis on the Sanduguan of Spaniard Miguel Lopes de Legazpi and a native chieftain Si Katuna.

Unlike any street dance which uses flashy costumes and humongous props, Kuradang, a courtship dance focuses on hand and feet movements.

The use of “Kuradang Dance Competition” instead of the generic “Street Dancing Competition” aims to be more rooted on Boholano aesthetic in dance, music, design and put a premium on local culture, innate artistry and most importantly, originality.

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