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Catigbian National High School.

It was a parade of colors and smiles as Boholanos celebrated the Sandugo Festival, the annual grand fiesta to commemorate the blood contract between local chieftain Rajah Si Katuna and Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

On July 27, tourists and thousands of Boholanos flocked to the streets of Plaza Rizal to Carlos P. Garcia Complex inTagbilaran City to experience Bangga sa Kuradang and Subli sa Sandugo, the Sandugo street dance and the reanactment of the blood compact.

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Lumad Tubignon


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St. Anthony Academy of Carmen

There were 7 contingents which joined this year’s contest.

The Catigbian National High School of Catigbian town was declared champion in this year’s Sandugo  street dancing and performance arts competition on Saturday.

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Catigbian National High School

The school took home a trophy and P300,000. It also won best in dramatization production,  best in design, best in music and  best in performer in lead role (male).

The Baclayon National High School and Lumad Tubignon of Tubigon were adjudged first runner- up and second runner- up, respectively.

Baclayon received P250,000, while Tubigon was awarded P200,000.

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sandugo 7
Baclayon National High School

Sandugo Kuradang Streetdancing 2019 Results

1st – Catigbian National High School
2nd – Baclayon National High School
3rd – Lumad Tubignon

Best in dramatization production – Catigbian National High School

Most Lively Group – Lumad Tubignon

Best in Costume Group – St. Anthony Academy of Carmen

Best Kuradang King and Queen – St. Anthony Academy of Carmen

Best in Design – Catigbian National High School

Best in Music – Catigbian National High School

Best performer in lead role (male) – Catigbian National High School

Best performer in lead role (female) – St. Anthony Academy of Carmen

Best in streetdancing – St. Anthony Academy of Carmen

sandugo 1.png
Barangay Katipunan, Anda
catigbian hs final.png
Catigbian National High School

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