Her Lola Inday will always be proud of her.

These were the words of Samjones Arisola when Bohol Island News sought the family’s comment about Jane De Leon’s new role as ‘Darna’.


Arisola, who is Jane’s first-degree cousin, said she really went all the way from Manila to Tagbilaran City, Bohol last month just to be with her grandmother Porfiria Saberon Benitez.

Photos of her visit were even uploaded and posted on Jane’s official Facebook page.

However, her Lola wasn’t able to hear the good news herself when she passed away.

Her interment was set earlier this month.

“Si Mommy weeks or months before sya pumanaw, she keeps on bragging or telling her nurses sa hospitals or even private duty nurse na may artista siya na apo (Weeks or months before Mommy died, she keeps on bragging or telling her nurses at hospitals or even her private duty nurse that she has a granddaughter that is an actress),” Arisola told BIN.


‘Lola’s girl’

Jane Florence Benitez de Leon grew up in San Pedro, Laguna City.

Her mother, Hearty, who hails from Barangay Ubujan in Tagbilaran City, often needed to see doctors because of her heart condition.

Because of this, Mommy Inday knew that she needed to be there not only for her daughter Hearty but for Jane and her brother Francis, as well.

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When Mommy Inday moved back to Tagbilaran City, the bond between her and Jane remained.

“I am certain na happy si Mommy Inday. She left us so happy naman kasi nagkita-kita muli kami and parang reunion (She left us so happy since we were reunited again),” he added.

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Jane’s closeness also extended to her cousins especially to Arisola whom Jane refers to as “Kuya Totot”.

When they first learned of the news about Jane’s new undertaking, Arisola said they were really excited about what their cousin has achieved in her career as an actress in the Philippines.

To show his support for Jane, Arisola shared a post of news about Jane being chosen as the new ‘Darna’ with the caption that reads:

“Proud cousin here. Surely your Bohol fans will support you. Congrats #Darna ang bato..”

Arisola who shared with BIN his message for Jane wanted her to know how proud they are of her.

“To Chynise or Jane: Congratulations we are so proud of you- the Benitez Clan for sure and your Ubujan Family of your mom and your Bohol fans as well. Stay focused and humble. Always keep your feet on the ground. I’m gonna be always your kuya Totot and the eldest insan among the rest and a shoulder to cry on and your go-to person for advice. We love you. Lipad na #Darna… All the way from Tagbilaran City Bohol.”

Even if Jane didn’t grow up in Bohol, the fact still remains that the Boholano blood and values that her mother Hearty and Mommy Inday has imparted will always remain wherever her journey in life takes her.

As what Kuya Totot said, “Lipad na, Darna!”. Soar high, Jane!

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