A man and his live-in partner sustained several stab wounds and bruises after their brother-in-law attacked them on Sunday evening in Dauis town.

Forty-year-old Roger Fernandez and 50-year-old Lina Bullanday both landed in the hospital following the incident.

In an interview with Mina, she revealed that her sister Lina was covered in blood when she got to their mother’s house at 9:45 p.m.

She sought their help after she got away from their attacker while her live-in partner Roger, who’s also wounded, was left inside their home in Barangay Bingag.

Lina identified the attacker as a certain “Jayward Padrillan”, their brother-in-law and a resident also of the said barangay.

Roger had a stab wound on one side of his body while Lina had a head injury after she was hit by a hard object.

They have not yet established the reason of the attack, as of this writing.

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