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174 passengers stranded in Cebu and Bohol ports

A total of 174 passengers were stranded as of 11a.m. on Tuesday in different ports in Central Visayas.

There’s no typhoon signal hoisted over the region.

But the cancellations were made upon the discretion of the vessels’ skippers, according to the Philippine Coast Guard in Central Visayas (PCG-7).

Lt. Jr. Grade Michael John Encina, PCG-7 spokesman, said operators can cancel trips to ensure the safety of its passengers.

Lt. Jr. Grade Michael John Encina, spokesman, Philippine Coast Guard Central Visayas

“If they sense their own vessels can’t handle the weather conditions, the operators can inform the Coast Guard that they will suspend their trips,” Encina said.

As of 11 a.m., PCG-7 said there were three fast crafts bound for Tagbilaran City, one fast craft bound for Ormoc City in Leyte, one slow boat bound for Loon and four motorbancas bound for Getafe, Bohol that canceled their trips.

Below are the following scheduled trips that were canceled:

1. MV OCEAN JET 288 1040H bound for Tagbilaran

2. MV OCEAN JET 168 1140H bound for Tagbilaran.

3. MV OCEAN JET 388 1300H bound for Tagbilaran

4. MV SAINT CAMAEL 1200H bound Ormoc

5. MBCA CLEMER 1 1030H bound for Getafe

6. MBCA CLEMER V 1200H bound for Getafe

7. MBCA CLEMER 8 1330H bound for Getafe

8. MBCA CLEMER 2 1500H bound for Getafe

9. LCT LITE FERRY 28 1100h bound for Loon


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